Once we have children our expenses increase an d it means that it can be much more difficult for us to be able to afford to save any money. However, it is always good to have some savings to fall back on and so many of us would still like to be able to do this. There are some ways that you might be able to get some money to save though, even if you have children.

Sell things

Babies and children grow very quickly and so you will find that you are not only replacing clothing regularly but also toys, car seat and even swapping their Moses basket for a bouncy chair then a playpen and their cot for toddler bed then a grown up bed and their pram for a pushchair. You may not have bought all of these things, but it is likely that you will have a selection of things that your child has grown out of. If you are planning other children, then it is wise to bag these up and store then in the attic ready for them. However, if you are not planning on having any more then you can sell these things and make some money. There are plenty of places you could sell such as car boot sales, auction websites and social media pages. You could then use this extra money to top up your savings account.

Blog about your experiences

If you have a talent for writing, are funny or just have lots of interesting experiences with your children then you could consider blogging about it. It will be a lovely way to keep a record of things that are happening to you and the children as well as being a way that you could potentially make money. If you find enough interested people, then you could attract advertisers to your blog and this could earn you some income that could help to top up the savings.

Do some extra work

It could be that you will be able to fit in some work around the children and earn some extra money this way. There are jobs that you can do at home, which means that you will not need to be away from the children. You may be able to fit work around their naps or do some when they are playing, if you are lucky. You will know whether there will be the time for you to be able to do anything like this or not. It is worth taking a look though as you may find that you can find jobs which take very little effort or you can do in short bursts when you get a spare moment. There are many online earning possibilities and you should be able to easily find something that will suit you. Things from doing surveys or free lotteries which are great fun but do not pay a lot to freelance work or starting a business there are many different opportunities and you should find one that suits your interests and skills.

Be careful with spending

IT is wise to be really careful with what you are buying. When we have children it can be so tempting to just spoil them and buy them all sorts of things. You can also feel that you need to buy them lots of things to show that you are a good parent. However, this is just what marketers want us to believe so that we buy more of the things that they are selling. You actually do not need lots and lots of things, your children will appreciate being with you much more than they will appreciate having lots of toys, games and clothes.

Consider second hand

If you want to reduce the cost of the items that you are buying then consider buying second hand items. Some people are wary of this and it is advisable to buy new mattresses and car seats from a safety point of view. However, there are lots of other things such as toys, books and clothes that should be find for your children to have and will save you spending more than necessary. By spending less on essentials and buying less items you should be able to free up some money that you can save.

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