We all get bills and they are never fun to pay, but there are ways that we might be able to reduce them. This can be a great thing as you will have more money to spend on the things that you actually want to buy! You may think there will not be a way that you can save money like this, but actually there are several things that you could try which may help you.

Change supplier

Many people stick with the same companies that they buy things form. This is not surprising as we tend to be loyal and we do not like change. However, you may find that if you do switch to a different supplier then you will be able to save a significant amount of money and still get the same service if not a better one. It is wise to just compare some prices to see whether you can save money and if so how much. You may not be prepared to swap for just a small saving, but if you can save a significant amount of money, then it could be well worth swapping to a new company. It is easy to swap these days as well so it should not take you too long at all. If you do this with your utility suppliers, insurers and lenders you could find that you save a significant amount of money which will make a huge difference over the course of a year.

Use less

It can be wise to see whether you can use less things to keep your bills down. For example if the bill is for electricity, then by using less of it, you will spend less on it. There are simple things that we can do to use less water, gas and electricity and this can really help. You may also be able to use the phone less, use less data on your mobile or send less texts and this could keep your bill down or allow you to switch to a cheaper supplier. With insurance you might be able to reduce your risk perhaps by parking your car in a safer place or driving more carefully or by

Take out things you do not need

It is worth making sure that you are not paying for things that you do not use. With some bills, such as gas, electric and water you have to pay what you are charged and for what you have used and so the only to pay less is to use less. However, with insurance, for example, you may have cover for things in the policy, that you are not going to use. It is worth finding out form your insurer whether you can remove anything form the policy in order to reduce the cost of it. You may, of course, decide that you do want those things in it, but it is worth knowing and checking. The same with phone/broadband/TV packages. You may have more texts and data than you need so you might be able to swap to a cheaper tariff or you may have more channels than you watch and you might e able to get less. It is well worth looking at what you are paying for to see whether you can reduce it at all.

Move House

This is extreme solution but you are really and you just cannot see how you can cut your costs enough to make ends meet then downsizing can help. If you have a smaller home then you will not have to pay so much to heat it and this can make a huge difference to your bills, although you will to ensure that it is well insulated. Your rent or mortgage will also be lower and that will make a difference to you as well, as these can be quite significant chunks of our outgoings. If you are in a smaller house chances are that your council tax will be cheaper as well.

Pay off debt

We also tend to get bills from lenders such as credit cards or loans. These can be really stressful and so if you can start to repay more than just the minimum you will be able to repay them more quickly and then save lots of money each month. It may seem odd to suggest paying out more money, but it really can help in the long run.

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